somewhere there is still a sun

a memoir of the holocaust

somethere there is still a sun, michael gruenbaum, book, holocaust, memoir

"This account will help young readers imagine themselves in the midst of the unimaginable—and will show them how kids very much like them managed to survive." – New York Times Book Review

"The Holocaust’s horrors are handled delicately for middlegrade readers but never detract from the truth. Photographs and letters add to the memoir’s efficacy and poignancy." – Booklist

"The ingenuity, love, and defiant courage displayed by Misha, his parents, Franta, and others counteract incessant degradation and terror, creating an inspiring testament to human resilience." – Publisher's Weekly Starred Review

"Kitty and I have read many stories about the experiences of survivors, but this one absolutely captured us—and especially the extraordinary tenacity of Mike Gruenbaum's mother who was determined to save her kids—and did so—with the help of teddy bears. What a great story to remind us that humanity can defeat cruelty, then and now, but it takes the world community to do so." – Michael Dukakis, Former Governor of Massachusetts

"With this book, Michael Gruenbaum has offered the current generation of young readers a very special book that will trigger both emotion and reflection; it is an extremely valuable tool for all of us who are trying to teach teenagers about the Holocaust." – Margot Stern Strom, Facing History and Ourselves

"The use of present-tense narration contributes to the urgency of the narration, and Misha’s sense of fairness and his unfailing faith that things will improve will resonate with students." – School Library Journal

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