Nesarim: Child Survivors of Terezin

nesarim, thelma gruenbaum, michael gruenbaum

“Nesarim: Child Survivors of Terezin," written by Michael’s wife, Thelma Gruenbaum, with major input by Michael Gruenbaum, is the result of Thelma traveling with Michael over some 45,000 miles around the globe to interview all the remaining survivors of Room 7, in the L417 building in Terezin, together with some of their wives. It’s an excellent account of what each has done with his life after being liberated in 1945 and after emigrating from Czechoslovakia into various parts of the world.  They have been successful to varying degrees, but what really stands out is to see life arising from the ashes of the Holocaust, and there is definitely hope that with hard work you can still succeed even starting from way back of your peers, having lost 6 years of education during WWII and settling down in countries on different continents where it was necessary to learn a new language and new customs. 

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As history recedes farther into the past, it is clearer than ever that the systematic process of dehumanization and the steps involving indifference, hatred, racism and anti-semitism that led to the Holocaust must be a lasting piece of history and civic education in our democracy.”
— Marty Sleeper, Facing History and Ourselves 

“These memories do not close at the moment of liberation but show the later life of those who survived. This demonstrates the tragedy of the Jewish people and the whole world which lost so many talented and brave human beings as well as the generations that would have followed.”
— Dr. Jan Munk, Director, Terezín Museum, Czech Republic

Nešarim … shows the horrors of the Holocaust, but also the kindness, love and help that young people could share at the most difficult times...”
— Anita Tarsi, Director of Beit Terezín, Israel

“I was very much affected by some of the stories. The nicknames spoke to me directly, taking me back in time, in a very real and profound way.”
— Zuzana Justman, survivor of Terezín and Emmy Award winning film producer of Voices of the Children

“In spite of their dispersal, they have much in common: the decision to get ahead in life, not to depend on material things, to be always ready to start anew and never give up. A wonderful story.....”
— Ruth Bondy, survivor of Terezín and Holocaust author